Saturday, November 15, 2008

OH YEAH, diane cluck interview! forgot to update you guys on that. i was on such a high that day. i was feelin' good, relaxed, excited about my show and everything. then the show just...

i mean i know i enjoyed it. but i got absolutely no donations > : /
that's a 4PM to 6PM show. prime fuckin' time, and nobody listening felt compelled whatsoever to donate to the coolest radio station around.

then, the interview comes around. diane calls, exxxciting! i tell her to call right back, i'min the middle of a song and our program director josh has told me that what he usually does for phone interviews is have 'em call back during announcing and put 'em directly on air. so yeah that's what i did - and i put her on air. and she says hello, and it goes over the air. and i say hello - AND SHE HEARS NOTHIGN.

aaaagghh agh agh ah i was running around calling people pushing buttons willy nilly trying to get things working. diane kept saying hello hello hello and i tried to respond and nothing worked. so embarrassing so awful i had like a panic attack, i called josh, explained what i was doing, he had no idea what i was doing wrong. after a few minutes, diane actually got on a piano or a harmonium (not exactly sure) and started playing for the audience. while i was trying to figure that shit out.

finally, out of nowhere things started working. i have no idea what i did how it started working, what was wrong in the first place but i finally got to the interview. and it went well. she was a lot more open and easy to talk to than i thought originally. i hadn't really heard an interview with her before, but with her phoningitin performance she didn't seem very talkative at all. and when i talked to her briefly in bogart, georgia at next to last fest last year, i was just a babbling fool and felt like i was intruding in her personal space.

but yeah the interview itself went well. i have it digitally recorded and will be uploading it somewheres sometime soon. so keep on the lookout for a link in the verynearfuture.

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eydazil said...

cluck cluck cluck. you should upload the interview HERE on your BLOG so i can download it and put it on my ipodddddddddddddddd