Friday, November 5, 2010


WUSC's Fall fundraiser - "Hellraiser Week" - wraps up today
each day of the week has been dedicated to a certain genre, with each show (between noon & midnight) dedicated to a certain aspect or subgenre within that category

yesterday was AMERICANA day & i had my show :)

Manatea Party! two hours of Lo-fi Folk music!
the show was a great success, got some great donations

if you're reading this and wanna show wusc some love, maybe return some of the immense amounts of love that its shown you..
please consider donating to this great and financially strugglin' station

donate to the on-air dj by calling:
(803) 576 9872

donate online by going to our website:

anyway, this was my playlist from yesterday that seemed to please enough people that i thought i'd share

1. Hop Along, Queen Ansleis - For Sebastian, From a Friend
2. Jordaan Mason - Take Ecstasy With Me
3. At Night - Sing Out to the Sun
4. The Brooke - Wonderwall
5. Diane Cluck - I Liked You As Soon As I Saw You
6. Assault Squad Safety Scissors - Kids to Save the World
7. Blanketarms - The Sea & Me
8. Burrowing Snagret - Little Owl Take 2
9. Dustin and the Furniture - Everything
10. Madeline Eva - Ghost
11. Seamonster - Owls of Milk
12. Josephine Foster - Little Life
13. El Explorador - S&M Is Really Fun
14. The Choir Quit - Ella Minnow
15. Tinyfolk - Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from Horticulture
16. Jeffrey & Jack Lewis - Don't Be Upset
17. Spenking - Mortified
18. Yonlu - Humiliation
19. Kid Trails - Similar
20. Joanna Newsom - Flying A Kite
21. Midtown Dickens - A.M. Dial
22. Devendra Banhart - An Island
23. Mount Eerie - With My Hands Out
24. Vashti Bunyan - Song of a Wishwanderer
25. Woelv - Chanson Pour Les Guepes
26. Homecoming - (untitled track 4 from That Circle of Light, That's Around the Moon)
27. Isaac Arms - A Deep Breath
28. Jeffrey Lewis & Diane Cluck - The River
29. Rosa - Wiskey

**it should also be noted that a shit-ton of this music can be downloaded for ABSOLUTELY FREE NO GUILT NO STRINGS ATTACHED from