Monday, March 16, 2009

RIP! A Remix Manifesto

so this whole blog-0-theque culture of electroXcore indie p0p getting remixed the nth power has been trying my nerves, but this film is actually pretty inspired
i saw this while in montréal fo' free, and felt special, before realizing that it's available in its entirety online at:
well! maybe not completely in its entirety
it's actually been available there for a long while, since before the film's release, calling on digitally savvy children of the web2.0 to remix this stuff
some of the remixed segments were definitely included in the film's final release, but the film sans remix'd portions is all available there
i think you have to make a username&password to watch it, not sure
but it's free and quick and easy anyways
enlighten yaselves
copywrite drm shit culture extends beyond the world of music or even art

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