Wednesday, February 4, 2009

da radio

i'm not sure how many of you out there listen to my show often
did any of you know that i now have a specialty show?
it's "folk!"
(2-4pm sat, in case you were curious)

but, on my 2nd show of the semester i happened to be throwing together a playlist when i realized that about half the songs were all about leaving / returning / wandering 'home'
i enjoyed that! and, so like a good DJ i decided that i'd start soon on next week's playlist, and actually put a good amount of time into its construction
except, from then on i've decided that my shows are going to be fully themed
last saturday, which was my 3rd show, i had the SEX show.

here's the playlist, for anyone curious

this coming week i'll be doing an ANIMALS theme. i'm pretty excited about what i have so far, and it is only wednesday. i've got sets of music categorized and everything



sea creatures!

creepy crawlies!

you're sleeping until 2PM on saturdays anyways, right? wake up to BDP!