Sunday, April 25, 2010

of all the places i'd like to be

is it more difficult or more comforting to know that everything ends in the same moment it begins?

the sun rises, but it also sets

general consensus among atheists is that asking about my religious beliefs is (of course) pretty rude
so it's much easier to make assumptions and flat-out make fun of god and his/hers/its believers with the expectation that i'll play along

i think most people who don't believe in god make similar assumptions about intelligent people they encounter

it's pretty insulting
to me, both
as an intelligent person and
as a friend to some who have genuine religious beliefs

people around the world devote themselves to fictitious figures in literature every day
literature is a powerful tool
fiction becomes reality, and vice versa, and neither can distinguish itself
when does conviction become devotion become faith become a marker for stupidity and fanaticism?

when can you decide that another's beliefs have become less valid than your own faith

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